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It's Time to Say Goodbye

For almost 20 years, I've been reviewing books for my own site and others. I reviewed for Amazon Vine for a while and did some reviews in Romantic Times. It's been a long road, and I need to be honest with myself. It's been a while since I've really loved reading. Most of the time now, it feels like a chore. That's not a good thing.  Last night, I had the worst dream ever. An old family friend showed up to take my mom and I to Montreal. The problem is this old family friend died of breast cancer nearing 25 years ago. My mom was in the wandering stages of Alzheimer's, and that was a hard stage. She panicked in stores, yet in my dream, our family friend dropped us off at Christmas Tree Store (a store my mom loved), and we each were able to pick out $50 worth of stuff.  As Alzheimer's progressed, my mom was also notorious for wanting everything she saw. She filled a cart with garbage she didn't need, but the manager hugged me, said he knows what it's li
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One of the Boys by Jayne Cowie

Release Date - July 11, 2023 Genre - Future, Suspense In a future time, scientists have found a genetic marker that indicates if a boy will become a criminal or not. If a boy is found to have this gene, he can be separated from the others to find the right medications and teachings to keep him from becoming bad. Screening starts off voluntary, but it's soon expanded to became mandatory for certain things. Bea and Antonia had boys around the same time, but the sisters' experiences and lifestyles are completely different. Antonia is the dutiful wife and social climber and has her son tested. Bea refuses, despite Antonia's constant pleas. As the boys age, it becomes clear that one of them is normal and one isn't, and the boy's mother will do anything and everything to keep him safe. Bea is the more likable sister in this book. Antonia and her social status helped make her unlikable. The story moved swiftly, and there are side characters I liked even more. As the story

Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano

Release Date - February 2021 Genre - General Fiction Twelve-year-old Edward, his older brother, and his parents are all moving across the country from New York to California. The boys aren't delighted to be moving to a new area, but it's better for the family. Somewhere over Colorado, the plane crashes and Edward is the only survivor on the plane carrying close to 190 souls.  He finds himself taken in by his aunt and uncle, but it's rough as the nation has turned him into an overnight hero, a role he doesn't want as he grieves. The three must figure out a way to break through their grief and form a new family unit under the nosy eyes of the world. I truly enjoyed Dear Edward and the message it sent. I did reach the end and felt it was too easy, but I don't want to delve into that in fear I'd give any spoilers. I just had higher hopes for how everything would turn out for this family who was thrown together. 

Better Homes & Gardens Brookbury Patio Sectional

 I've had a covered deck for years, but we decided to revamp it this year adding screens and swapping out the green roof panels for clear sunblocking panels. The next big upgrade was a patio set where we could really kick back and relax.  We've had very good luck with the ease of assembling Better Homes & Gardens furniture in the past, so that was our choice, and what a choice it was. This is the set per the stock images. We purchased the gray set. There's seating for so many, and the maximum weight capacity is 750 for the sofa. There are two sofa sections that connect forming the L-shape. It also has two ottomans that each can hold up to 250 pounds. It easily fits seven around the table. It's easy to clean, and assembly took my daughter and I a little over an hour. It's not hard, but you do have to work on the floor at some weird angles for the bottom connections. Minus the mess as we're sill finishing the screening and painting, but that's the table co

The Bookshop by the Bay by Pamela Kelley

Release Date - June 6, 2023 Genre - Women's fiction/Contemporary romance Jess works for her long-time husband's family law firm and loves her job. What she doesn't love is how her marriage of almost 30 years is falling apart. They don't seem to be more than roommates now, and it all culminates in a shocking realization that has Jess returning to her hometown in Cape Cod with her adult daughter who lost her job and long-time boyfriend in one disastrous day. Alison has been Jess's best friend since childhood, and she's delighted that Jess is coming for part of the summer. Alison's job with the local newspaper is slowing down, and layoffs are looming. When her favorite bookstore owner tells her she's planning to retire and is looking for a buyer, Alison starts to wonder if she could ever afford it, but realizes it's not possible. But, Jess is equally intrigued at the possibility of becoming a bookstore and coffee shop owner and decides to become a partn

Updating the Site

  For two decades, I've been reviewing books and as my life has changed, I've tried to keep up. I've decided it's time to change. Roundtable was always about reviewing all genres, but reading isn't all I do now.  For that reason, Roundtable will be backing away from reviewing only books. This is going to become, as my mom said about the kitchen drawer, "it's full of bits and bobs." If I've tried it and think others will like it, I'll review it in here. That's everything from some new food at Costco or Sam's Club to a new piece of tech. Books will always be part of the site too, just not the only thing.

The Quiet Tenant by Clemence Michallon

Release Date - June 20, 2023 Genre - Psychological Suspense This is an extremely gripping debut from French author Clemence Michallon. It begins with the women in the shed. She's been held captive by a loving husband and family man, and she's playing the ultimate game to stay alive. She needs to do everything there is to stay alive. Aidan Thomas is the hero of his town. People love him, but they have no idea he's a serial killer. He's killed eight women and was on number nine when he made the sudden decision to keep her. When his wife died of cancer, he was forced to move his daughter, Cecelia, to a new home, and he agrees to let Rachel, the woman in the shed, move with them. She'll be chained in her room at all times other than family meals. Then, there's local restaurant owner Emily. She can't help but be attracted to this mysterious man and wants to get to know him better. The closer she gets, the more she realizes there's something not quite right. T