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Woman Last Seen by Adele Parks

 Release Date - February 1, 2022 Leigh Fletcher's two sons may not be hers by blood, but she's the only mother they know. Her oldest son's been pulling away from her, and it saddens her, but that's just what teens do. When she goes missing from their suburban home, no one knows what could have happened.  On the other side of town, Kai Janssen seems to have it all. She and her husband have a lavish penthouse home and amazing life. When Kai disappears, her husband fears the worst.  Detective Clements is assigned the two disappearances, and it's not surprising that suspicions are that the women left their lives to move on to new things. Did they though? The detective soon realizes there's more than meets the eye, and despite her superiors telling her to move on, she's going to keep looking at the disappearances and what happened to Leigh and Kai. The reader is aware of what's going on early into the story. There's a definitely edgy feel as the story pla