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Friday, March 18, 2022

Unmissing by Minka Kent

 Release Date - February 15, 2022

While he's at work, Luca's wife Lydia disappears. She's never seen or heard from again. He's moved on and ten years later, he and his second wife have a child and another on the way. Merritt and Luca are happy and settled into an enjoyable life.

One night, a knock on the door changes everything. Lydia is back and demands to see her husband. Luca's out of town, but Merritt turns the stranger away. She needs time to process what she's learned and decide if this stranger is a con artist or the real deal.

It's the real thing. Lydia's been held captive for many years. At the very least, Merritt feels they should help Lydia start over. It doesn't take long before Merritt realizes there is far more to Lydia's story than she could have imagined. 

Unmissing takes a lot of turns. It's hard to like Lydia, even though she was kidnapped and treated badly for so many years. It's hard to like her when she could unravel Merritt's life. Worse, she doesn't do things you'd feel a victim would do. Her odd behavior made me dislike her.

That said, I also questioned Merritt's motives. In her shoes, my kids would have come first. No way would I have let a stranger walk away and ignored calling the police with news that someone claiming to be a missing person had just come to my door.

In the end, I'm not sure how I feel about the book. I was drawn in from the start, but by the end, I didn't like anyone in it. I also questioned every gut instinct I had as the "shocking secret" was revealed. It left me with questions.

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