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Too Good to Be True by Carola Lovering

 Release Date - March 2, 2021 Skye Starling is over the moon when her boyfriend of six months proposes to her. She never expected she'd find a man who loves her despite her obsessive habits. Yet, Burke Michaels doesn't seem to care she has OCD and has specific routines. The problem is that Burke is hiding a secret. He's married and a father to three children. He owes his wife, Heather, a better life than she has and he knows it. Skye is his ticket to ensuring his family has a better life. Or, is there more to the story? Too Good to Be True is told from Heather's POV, but it's back when she's a teen and meets Burke. There's Skye's present-day POV. There's also Burke's POV from the letters he writes to his therapist. What seems to be true isn't always the case, and that creates a story that goes from one place to the next and leaves you eagerly awaiting for the truth to be revealed. While there was a lot in this novel that I loved, there wer