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To Sir, With Love by Lauren Layne

 Release Date - June 29, 2021 Gracie Cooper has done everything she can to make her father's wine store profitable. Since his unexpected death from lung cancer, Gracie has turned from her passion for art to become a store owner without much help from her siblings. The only bright spot in Gracie's day is her conversations with a guy she met on an unusual dating app. This dating app focuses on avoiding face-to-face meetings and chatting online instead. This is how Grace met and fell in love with "Sir." While she keeps hoping for a happily ever after with Sir, she's dealing with a handsome, yet annoying Sebastian Andrews. He's trying his hardest to get Gracie to let him buy out the rest of her 10-year lease for his family's corporation. She will not let him end her father's dreams, so she plans to fight him at every turn. Yet, she has no clue that her "Sir" and Sebastian are one in the same, and he's falling for her just as hard as she'