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The Summer Seekers by Sarah Morgan

 Release Date - May 18, 2021 At the heart of The Summer Seekers are three ladies. Kathleen is 80 and attacks an intruder with a frying pan. Her daughter, Liza, thinks it's time for Kathleen to sell her home and move into an independent living community. Kathleen is outraged with the suggestion. She's lived a life of adventures, and she's not ready to slow down. Liza has spent much of her adult life being a wife and mother while putting her own dreams on hold. Her mother hardly stuck around long enough to be a real "mom" to her, so she's always been determined to be the mother her mom wasn't. As a result, Liza has losat her own identity. She does everything for everyone else and forgot that self-care is just as important. Martha is a 20-something who's freshly divorced and tired of hearing her parents tell her she's not good at anything. They remind her that her sister is perfect. Why can't she be more like her? She's longing for a change, b