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Monday, September 27, 2021

The Santa Suit by Mary Kay Andrews

 Release Date - September 28, 2021

After her husband leaves her for their client, Ivy Perkins packs up everything and leaves Atlanta for an old North Carolina farmhouse she buys online. The Four Roses seems to be the perfect setting for starting over, even if it is more rundown than she expected.

Things start off with a bit of a hitch when Ivy finds the house is draftier than expected and the heating system isn't working, but her realtor/new neighbor helps her get things fixed and soon she's finding her home in this small town. It all starts with a mystery that she feels compelled to solve. 

The former homeowners were the town's Santa and Mrs. Claus. Tucked in the pocket of the Santa suit is a letter from a little girl asking Santa to make sure her dad gets home safely from the war. Ivy has no idea how to track down this little girl who would now be a grown woman, but she has to know if the girl's dad came home for Christmas. By trying to uncover the girl's identity, Ivy ends up getting to know and love the town she is now calling home.

If you need an uplifting story, The Santa Suit is perfect. I loved the setting and was drawn to the different stories of the townspeople. I also was eager to see Ivy find a new life as she started over from the betrayal of her marriage. I was cheering her on from the start.

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