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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton

 Release Date - March 26, 2019

When I struggle to read a novel, I don't delete it. I always try to circle back and give it multiple chances. Keeping that in mind, The Perfect Girlfriend is one I've tried to get through. Maybe I gave it more chances than I should, but I hate giving up. 

Juliette has great friends, a remarkable career, and her mother's death also means she has the chance to live where she wants, rather than where she can afford it. She also has the love of her life living nearby, even if he may need a little coaching to reach the same conclusion she has.

She does everything she can to show him she's the only one he needs. She gets a job at his airline, stops by and regularly cleans his home while he's away, and other things designed to ensure he realizes how much he misses her. 

Essentially, this book is a twisted trip into Juliette's obsession. She definitely comes off as creepy, but she's also so unlikable. The writing is fantastic, but I never liked any of the characters. I ended up not caring about them or what happened to them. That made it a very challenging read.

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