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The Perfect Daughter - D.J. Palmer

 Release Date - April 20, 2021 Grace Francone returns home to find her daughter's gone and took the family car. While it's unusual that she didn't text her mom where she was going, it's the arrival of police that sets off alarms. Penny's in jail and accused of murdering her birth mother. Now frantic, Grace calls the only attorney she knows. He happened to bump into her car a while ago and left his business card. He's got the experience Grace needs to help win her daughter's case. There's a lot that could cause problems in Penny's case. Penny has multiple personalities, but it's a mental health issue that few believe truly exists. Is Penny faking it, or does she have several personalities trapped inside? The Perfect Daughter is the rare novel that kept me guessing from start to finish. Penny's different personalities shine and range from the abrasive Eve to the British Ruby. They all add layers to Penny that keep you on your toes. Each time