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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Path to Sunshine Cove by Raeanne Thayne

 Release Date - March 30, 2021

How I love my trips to Cape Sanctuary, California. In The Path to Sunshine Cove, Jess Clayton comes to town to help her new client, Eleanor, declutter her home. She quickly falls in love with Eleanor and with the area, but her tenuous relationship with her sister, Rachel, isn't going as well. She'd hoped they could spend time together, but Rachel is testy at best and certainly not welcoming.

It's not the only cold welcome. Eleanor's son, Nate, all but calls Jess a trespasser on their first meeting and tells her to leave. Despite a bad start, Jess is going to do this job well and then move on to the next client. What she doesn't realize is that she may end up finding it harder to leave than first imagined.

Jess is such a strong character with so much to learn. I didn't love Rachel, but I understood her hesitance at bonding. It still didn't make me enjoy her. Mostly, I found myself wanting to give her some advice on motherhood and marriage.

Nate and his teen daughter are great matches for Jess. As the story plays out, I had to wonder where things would end up. Mostly though, I really wanted to be the one in Jess's Airstream with stunning views of the California coast.

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