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Sunday, May 2, 2021

The Newcomer by Mary Kay Andrews

 Release Date - May 4, 2021

Letty Carnahan's sister always said that if anything bad happens, Letty needs to take her niece and run. After finding Tanya's body, Letty did as her sister asked. Tanya's dead, and Letty does as told. She knows exactly who killed her sister but going on the run with the child puts Tanya on the wanted list.

In Florida, Letty is trying to start a new life with four-year-old Maya. It's been a long drive, and she needs to rest. She hopes that the Florida motel parking lot where she's parked won't notice her. The owner's son, a police detective, does, but the Murmuring Surf Motel's owner, Ava, takes pity on her and offers her a room in the run-down storage unit. Eventually, it leads to a job.

It isn't long before Letty feels like she's one of the family. Ava is the mother Letty wished she had growing up, and Maya is doing incredibly well. Still, Letty knows that the ruthless real estate mogul who murdered Tanya is looking for them. He wants his daughter back and will do anything to find her.

Ava's son, Joe, has his eye on Letty. It doesn't take him long to realize she's on the run, but he's convinced that there's more to the story. He'll do what it takes to keep her safe, but first, he needs her to trust him.

Some stories have settings that draw you in and make you want to be part of the community. Murmuring Surf Motel did just that. I loved Ava and enjoyed seeing her meddle just enough to start to change Letty's life. I adored Maya and her innocence. Many of the motel's regulars endeared themselves to me. I wanted to join them.

The Newcomer is a touch of a suspense novel, but a clear romance with plenty of emotion. I loved it.

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