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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The Last House on the Street by Diane Chamberlain

 Release Date - January 11, 2022

The Last House on the Street is told from two eras. Kayla Carter and her husband designed and were in the midst of the construction of their dream home when he fell to his death. Starting over as a single mom is rough, but an odd client comes into her architecture firm with warnings that leave Kayla shaken and unsure moving into this home is wise. Who the strange older woman is remains a mystery that police have been unable to solve.

At this point, the story turns to Ellie Hockley's life in the 1960s. As a young woman from a prominent family, Ellie doesn't always follow the lines they want her to follow. She's more like her free-spirited aunt, and that's what leads her to join an organization that wants to get black community members to register to vote and go to the polls. Ellie's parents are displeased and want her to stop her mission and come home for the summer.

The two women may be on completely different paths in life, but a secret that Ellie is holding could tie everything together. Ellie's knowledge could be exactly what saves Kayla from giving up on the house her husband desired as the perfect family home.

I always get sad reading stories like The Last House on the Street. We've come so far in so many ways, but racism is still being battled even today. While this is a work of fiction, I know there are likely many people out there like Ellie that were touched in some way by the prejudice and racism within their own communities. I loved the book, but it still left me wishing some people out there would stop.

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