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Sunday, June 27, 2021

The House Guests by Emilie Richards

 Release Date - June 29, 2021

Since her husband's death, Cassie Costas has done everything she can to be a single mom to her teenage stepdaughter. Selling their New York City home and moving to Tarpon Springs, Florida, where Cassie is closer to her family made the most sense. The money Cassie knew they had isn't in the bank accounts, and no one seems to know where it went. She's running out of funds, and Savannah isn't making it easy.

Savannah blames Cassie for everything. She's been uprooted from her home, her friends, and she even blames Cassie for her father's death. When she and her friends find a purse full of cash in a parking lot, Savannah knows the right thing would be to find the owner, but they decide to keep it and throw a blowout party that gets very out of hand.

Amber Blair and her teen son, Will, end up getting evicted when Amber loses her tips and can't pay her rent. A local reporter asks to do a news story on her situation, and she reluctantly agrees if her and her son's names are not mentioned in the article. When Cassie reads the story, she realizes that Savannah's actions made this woman's life more difficult than it already was. She has a  plan. She asks Amber and Will to move in with her and Savannah. There's plenty of room, and it will be a good lesson in responsibility.

It's soon clear to Cassie and Amber that they needed each other. Cassie's family takes Amber and Will in, and they have the family they've always wanted. Amber's hiding a secret that could put her and Will in danger if it was revealed. Meanwhile, Amber's experience in bookkeeping is exactly what Cassie needs to figure out why so much of their savings vanished. Together, these women help each other in ways they never would have imagined.

The House Guests has romantic aspects, but it's a women's fiction story with a lot of depth and some very delicious foods sprinkled in along the way. I could see why Amber and Will enjoyed being taken in by this large Greek family. I adore Greek food, so the restaurant meals and family gathering foods sounded delicious.

There are two mysteries in Emilie Richards' latest novel. You have the mystery regarding why Amber is on the run. You have the mystery regarding Cassie's husband's death and where the money in. Both are woven into the story, but never take over the growing friendships between Cassie and Amber and Will and Savananah. Both the adults and the teens needed each other to rely on as they dealt with their situations.

This is an enjoyable summer read. If you're looking for an involving story for the beach or in your backyard, The House Guests is perfect.

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