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Thursday, February 16, 2023

The Greenway by Jane Adams

Release Date - March 11, 2019

Genre - Mystery

Here's a book I'd tried to get into and failed, but I've circled back and it's actually a great mystery, though not too challenging to solve once the clues are in place.

It's a hot summer's day in 1975, and Suzie and her cousin Cassie are late getting home. They opt to take the shortcut across the Greenway, a path with a mystical legend. Cassie somehow becomes unconscious and wakes to find her cousin missing.

Twenty years later, Cassie has finally mustered the courage to return to the town where her life changed forever. All seems to be going okay until she wandered out to the Greenway and later learns another girl has disappeared. Townspeople are suspicious of the timing between this new disappearance and Cassie's return.

The detective who investigated Suzie's disappearance offers to help Detective Mike Croft investigate both disappearances and see if they're related. Could Cassie have killed her cousin or is there something true to the legends of the Greenway?

The Greenway is a psychological thriller with plenty of twists, though once something is revealed, I wasn't too challenged to figure out what happened. That said, I was still hooked and wanted to keep reading to see it all play out. 

I loved the setting and wished I was the one visiting the small town, even if there did seem to be something evil at play. As this is the first Detective Croft mystery, I'm eager to explore the others.

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