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Saturday, February 5, 2022

The Good Son: A Novel by Jacquelyn Mitchard

 Release Date - January 18, 2022

Many years ago, I picked up The Deep End of the Ocean and was entranced by Jacquelyn Mitchard's story. The Good Son turned out to be just as appealing, though this time I felt there was a bit of a let-down as I figured it out early on.

Thea Demetriou loves her son to the ends of the earth, but he's being released from prison after serving time for a drug-fueled rampage in which he murdered his girlfriend, Thea's best friend's daughter. Stefan's act tore the community apart and made Thea, her husband, and Stefan the talk of the town in very negative ways. 

On the trip to and from the prison, Thea gets a message from an alleged witness who makes it clear that Stefan cannot talk to anyone about the truth of that night. Someone tries to run them off the road. At home, protestors await. Thea's not sure how much she can handle, but she loves her son and cannot associate him with the brutalities that took place on the night of his arrest. How much can one family take before it all falls apart? Is it possible to come back from such a violent crime?

One of the key figures in this novel is the mystery woman who keeps calling and texting Thea telling her to keep Stefan from talking about what he remembers. She started out being intriguing, but eventually, I reached a point where she became annoying. I just wanted her to tell her secrets already or go away for good. Her cat and mouse games were frustrating.

I can't imagine being in Thea's shoes. That's where the book hit the hardest. I understand a mother's love for her child, but after a violent crime, should that love continue? Can you stop loving a child who was found guilty and confessed to murder? That topic alone is a great point of conversations in book groups.

I'm glad I read A Good Son. It did have moments where I knew what was coming, but overall, it kept me hooked.

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