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The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth

 Release Date - April 13, 2021 Twin sisters Fern and Rose do everything together. It's always been that way. Even as adults, they have dinner together several nights a week. When they're not together, which is rare, Fern is busy with her work at a local library and Rose is busy with her married life. It has to be this way. A tragic event from their childhood helped them form a tight bond. When Fern learns her sister is suffering with infertility issues, she decides to become pregnant and let her sister adopt the baby. This one mission leads to Fern readdressing their past, and some of the secrets that come to the surface are nothing less than shocking. It's not hard to tell where this story is going. Rose comes off as controlling, while Fern is definitely a victim to her sensory issues. It's easy to like Fern and the man she meets as she starts to come into herself. It's also easy to dislike Rose and her need to keep Fern under a close eye. Why she does this, you