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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The Final Revival of Opal & Nev by Dawnie Walton

 Release Date - March 30, 2021

Opal may not have the same voice or look as her sister, but she's a powerhouse all on her own. She also has bigger dreams than taking some office or production line job in Detroit. She wants to change the world. Her chance to do just that is revealed when British guitarist and singer Neville Charles takes an interest in her one day. He needs someone to partner with, and fiery Opal seems to be a perfect choice.

Thus, Opal & Nev is born. Opal soon learns that while she's ready to take on the world, the world may not be ready for her. Her protests would make Black Lives Matter proud, but it costs her and those around her a lot in the 1970s. 

Several decades later, Opal & Nev is set to return for the show of a lifetime. Music journalist S. Sunny Shelton is tackling a tell-all book about the pair. She stumbles onto something that could change what everyone knows about the fateful events in the 1970s, but only if she dares to tell it and get others to believe what she's learned.

I never read Daisy Jones & The Six, which I think is to my benefit as I've read several reviews trying to compare the two. I can't compare them. I'm glad I don't have to. Opal steals this book with her tough persona and demand for all people to be treated as equals no matter their gender or race. Nev is a bit more of a wimpy, do-what-they-say type that I simply couldn't respect. It was Opal that kept me hooked.

There are times that The Final Revival of Opal & Nev seemed more like non-fiction than fiction. It's a very haunting, sad tale of racism, fame, and differences in cultures. It broke my heart while holding me captive to every word.

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