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Monday, May 9, 2022

The Evening Hero by Marie Myung-Ok Lee

 Release Date - May 2022

I've been hitting a lot of books that have me struggling lately. I was absorbed with the beginning of The Evening Hero, and then Dr. Yungman Kwak was fired as the hospital shut down. From there, he ends up taking a job with his son's start-up that's not doing as well as hoped. It's not what he'd want, but the realities of how he came to this country from Korea are hidden and he doesn't want to reveal the truth, though he may have no choice when his past catches up with him.

I wanted to love The Evening Hero, but I ended up having a hard time with it. There's a bit of insight into the corporate nature of medicine today. It's hard to ignore how horrible it is, and I'm thankful we have the insurance we do, but even then, I've watched hospital facilities shut down to preserve a CEO's high pay, so nothing surprises me. 

As the story headed into Korea's past, I was saddened. You'll learn some of Korea's history and end up rooting that Kwak will find a new place in the world with the happiness he deserves.

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