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Monday, November 15, 2021

The Christmas Escape by Sarah Morgan

 Release Date - October 26, 2021

Christy and Alix have been best friends since they were young. When Christy's plans for the perfect Christmas in Lapland get a bit messed up, she does the best she can think of. She'll stay behind in England with her husband, Seb, until his business meeting ends and send her daughter to Lapland with Alix. Only, she also arranges to have Zac, Seb's best friend, accompany Alix and the rambunctious Holly.

Little does Christy know that Alix and Zac have a bit of a history together that has Alix panicking. The last thing she wants is to travel to Lapland with him. It's putting a strain on everything, including Christy and Alix's long-time friendship.

It's hard to find fault with this book's setting. As you read, you can imagine sitting in front of the fireplace with the snowy landscape just beyond the cottage window. I adored the setting, and it's not one that's often found in the romance novels I've read.

The characters are a little harder to like. There is a lot of drama going on. There's Christy and Alix's issues, Christy and her aunt's tension that seemed unnecessary to the overall plot, and then there are the challenges between Christy and Seb and Alix and Mac. It made what was aiming to be a light holiday romance into one filled with tension and so many misunderstandings.

I loved the setting and I liked seeing Alix grow, but I did find that Christy was a little harder to sympathize with for some of the story.

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