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Tell No One by Barbara Taylor Sissel

Release Date - May 2019 Her dad walked away from her when she was young, and that's the main reason Caroline Corbett never made an effort to keep in touch with him. She didn't care about his other family. But, her dying aunt wants to see him one more time, so Caroline agrees to find him. It may be a good distraction from her husband's deception. When his mom remarried at the age of eight, Harris Fenton had a father figure he could look up to. Everything changed one day, and Harris found himself fatherless once more. It's always haunted him, and it's impacting his own relationships with his sons. As Caroline gets closer to the truth, Harris finds his life unraveling in major ways. Neither of them will be the same when the truth is revealed. I've always loved Lake Union books. They partner with fantastic authors, and Barbara Taylor Sissel is one of my favorites. For me, it was harder to like Harris than it was Caroline. You'll understand why as you read more