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Such a Good Wife by Seraphina Nova Glass

Release Date - August 10, 2021 Seraphina Nova Glass' latest thriller shares the story of Melanie Hale, a stay-at-home mom who has her hands full with a teen daughter and autistic son. She does a lot to meet his needs, while also being there for the rest of her family. When her husband encourages her to go to a local writing group's meetings and have time to herself, she takes him up on it. At that first meeting, she meets a talented romance author. Luke is handsome, charming, and interested in her. She makes a mistake and has a brief affair. Things go horribly wrong when she goes to break things off with him and finds him dead. Melanie doesn't hang around. She runs from the scene, makes an anonymous call to 911, and hopes she can move past it. It's clear that someone knows, however, and will make her pay to keep her little secret. Such a Good Wife is addicting. I had a hard time putting it down as secrets were revealed. Melanie works tirelessly to cover her tracks an