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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Lucy Checks In by Dee Ernst

 Release Date - August 16, 2022

Lucy's built a grand career in hotel management and rebranding and was nearing the retirement she dreamed of, but it all fell apart when her boyfriend/hotel mogul took off with every penny of the retirement and pension funds and hotel savings. Two years later, she's been cleared of the crime, but suspicions remain high that she knew what he was doing. She cannot get a job in the industry in the U.S., but she's offered the chance to help a French inn and takes it.

In a quaint French city, Lucy learns the job is far more hands-on than she realized. The inn needs serious upgrading if it's going to draw visitors, and there are several live-ins who don't want to lose their private lifestyles to the hustle and bustle of a hotel. But, Lucy doesn't have many other options, so she dives in and soon finds herself enamored with the different lifestyle. The question remains though - does she have what it takes to fully restore a rundown estate and turn it into a thriving French inn.

As I'm around Lucy's age, I find the thought of starting over in a French village very appealing. For that reason, I was rooting for her from the start. Imagine getting to move to a location where the food, people, and atmosphere are so very different to what we're experiencing in the U.S. Part of me wishes I could be her.

The story has touches of romance, but there is a lot more to it than that. There are the relationships the characters build as they learn to trust this American who comes in with grand plans to uproot everything they're accustomed to. There's also Lucy's vision and shifts as she realizes her way may not always be the right way. 

It was a charming women's fiction that made me want to be part of Rennes. I loved the setting and most of the characters, though there is one character that really bugged me and I never was happy with how that character's life played out, but I'll keep those details to myself and let the readers experience it and decide what they think.

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