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Shutter by Melissa Larsen

 Release Date - June 15, 2021  One You know the books you pick up, start reading, and think to yourself "okay, so when is the suspense going to kick in..." Eventually, one of two things happens. You either get blown away or you keep reading hoping for that moment and it never arrives. For me, Shutter was one of those books where I kept reading thinking something amazing was going to shatter my perception of the characters. That never happened, and I feel that I lost a few hours that I'll never get back. Following her father's death, Betty Roux isn't sure what to do. It's over with her boyfriend. Her already fragile relationship with her mother is reaching a breaking point. With so much weighing on her shoulders, Betty leaves for New York City to stay with a friend until she figures things out. There, her friend and her friend's boyfriend introduced her to a brilliant filmmaker. Betty doesn't tell him she watched his indie film and loved it. She wants