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One Summer in Paris by Sarah Morgan

 Release Date - April 9, 2019 On the evening of their 25th wedding anniversary, Grace presents her husband with a romantic trip to Paris. At the same time, he surprises her with news that he's fallen in love with their daughter's old babysitter and wants a divorce. Grace is stunned. Not sure what to do, she decides to head to Paris on her own. British Audrey has spent her life living under the same roof with an alcoholic mother. Her mom seems happy right now with a new husband, but she can't help but worry that at any minute she'll get the call that she's needed back home. She's in Paris to start a new life when she meets Grace. The pair hit it off. Grace is determined to help Audrey learn French, while Audrey is just as determined to help Grace learn how to live independently. One Summer in Paris is all about starting over and living the life you dream about. I loved Audrey's bold, take-charge attitude where it came to helping Grace move on. I loved Grac