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The Girl Made of Clay by Nicole Meier

 Release Date - September 25, 2018 TR Harlow is badly burned, and it's a call his daughter, Sara, never expected or even wanted to receive. She hasn't seen him in years, not after he abandoned his family for fame in the art world. Yet, now all of these years later, he needs a carer and Sara's the only one on his list. Despite her hesitation, Sara takes him in. It's adding strain to her marriage, but her son is bonding with his grandfather, and that makes her wonder if it's time to forgive old hurts and move on with the years that are left. The Girl Made of Clay is a very emotional, touching story. It tugs at the heartstrings and keeps you engaged from the start. Sara's lack of connection with her dad is apparent, and I felt it also fed a lot into the distance between her and her husband. She simply had a tough time connecting with men in her life. Her son, Sam, was a joy and made the book.