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Slingshot: A Novel by Mercedes Helnwein

Release Date - April 27, 2021 Slingshot: A Novel is a coming-of-age story that looks at 15-year-old Grace Welles first encounters with romance. Her dad has another family and they really don't know her. She's in a boarding school where she doesn't feel she fits in. That is until the day she shoots one of the jocks in the face with her slingshot while he's beating up a new kid. Why defend a stranger? No real reason except that the teacher she's in love with has a fiancee and she's not happy with his blatant disregard for her feelings. As Grace starts spending more and more time with Wade, who happens to be crushing on her hard, her circle of new friends begins to grow. Soon, she's exploring friendship, love, romance, and sex. Slingshot doesn't hold its punches. Grace isn't always a likable teen, but it's realistic. Teens can be annoying, loving, and incredibly confused. Peer pressure can play a part in all of that, but it's not always the