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Friday, February 17, 2023

A Light in the Forest by Melissa Payne

Release Date - December 12, 2022

Genre - General Fiction, Women's Fiction

What a completely touching, emotional story. Melissa Payne's story begins with Vega at her home in Colorado. She's a new mom and has breakfast all ready to go for her boyfriend, but he's disgusted that she overcooked his bacon and assaults her. She's still healing from her c-section and her late mom's voice rings clear - RUN.

Vega spent many years helping her mom assist battered women, so she knows what to take and what to do next. She has no where to go and no friends to turn to, so she does the only thing she can and follows a postcard for a small town in Ohio that her mom always held onto. It's there that Vega hopes to start anew.

Heff, the town's deputy, and Eve, a transgender farmer and store owner, who's been a victim of abuse and rose from the ashes, take Vega under their wing. Eve provides Vega with an apartment and repair work at her farm, Heff keeps a close eye over her. He's seen her bruises, so he knows something's up. With time and patience, they're hoping Vega will be the breath of fresh air their town needs.

I loved this story and the characters. Now, I've seen reviews stating the book has too many LGBTQIA+ characters and could have done without. They bother me as just yesterday I was reading about a 15-year-old transgender who was murdered by her peers. The rage and hatred is still very present, and that makes this story timely to me.

I'm a little sad that the story is over. I do hope that Melissa Payne will consider returning to Eve, Heff, Vega, and the many other residents in the town and share more stories as they continue to help others.

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