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Meant to Be by Jude Deveraux

 Release Date - March 16, 2021 The 1970s are turbulent for sisters Vera and Kelly Exton. While their widowed mom dreams of them settling down and having a bunch of grandchildren, both of these young women want more.  Vera has stuck around to help her care for her mom, but she plans to head off to Africa as soon as Kelly's finally married. At that point, a. Kelly will have married the local vet's son and become a partner in the family veterinary practice. The nearer they get to the plans that have been laid out, the more the sisters realize that the best-laid plans aren't always what's right for you. They have to decide if they do what their mom is expecting or if it's time to do what they feel is right in their hearts. I liked the build-up in Meant to Be but about three-quarters into the book, it lost me. I found myself overwhelmed by the abrupt jump to the 1990s and the rush of new characters. It started to feel heavy and just sad. I'm used to a lighthearted f