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The Starlight Mint Surprise Murder by Marla A. White

 Release Date - November 2021 When I was pregnant for the third time, my mom introduced me to Goldie Bear, Diane Mott Davidson, and the world of culinary mysteries. I've loved them ever since. The Starlight Mint Surprise Murder is new for me, though there seem to be many more books in the Christmas Cookies series.  Mel O'Rourke was injured on the job and is now in a new location with a brand new career. This former cop and her siblings bought an inn in a snowy mountain town, and Mel will become an innkeeper. Things get off to a hairy start when one of her guests turns up dead. She's not delighted by the sheriff's announcement that he'll get there when he can. Roads are impassable, and it's up to Mel to keep the body in a freezer for now. As his death appears to be of natural causes, she's okay with waiting, but then another guest ends up dead. Again, it looks like an accident, but she's not convinced. As a former cop, her job skills have her diving in