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Maggie Finds Her Muse: A Novel by Dee Ernst

 Release Date - April 20, 2021 With the deadline on her latest novel looming, writer's block is not helping Maggie Bliss at all. She hasn't even gotten started. Her assistant decides it's time to shake up her routine. He offers her the chance to travel with him to Paris. Paris seems to be exactly what she needs. The art, the food, the atmosphere, and even a charming Frenchman all help spark her creativity.  There's one problem. Her ex-husband is also in Paris and seems to want to give their relationship another try. Between her host's charming son and her ex-husband, Maggie may have found more than she bargains for. I loved so much about this debut. It may be Dee Ernst's first novel, but it was so full of warmth, passion, and fantastic detail. I found myself yearning to be in a city that's never appealed to me before. I was overjoyed to spend time with Maggie as she decided what she wants for a change. I related to her and almost wished I was in the book i