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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica

 Release Date - May 18, 2021

The name Mary Kubica is all it takes to get me to buy and read a book. Her novels are always twisty, suspenseful reads that keep me on the edge of my seat. Local Woman Missing was no different and just as enjoyable as every novel she's released to date.

A late-night run leads to the disappearance of Shelby Tebow. With a newborn at home and a husband who often works late, her nighttime runs are the best time to get out and have time to herself. One fateful night, she never returns. 

With a town on edge, the disappearance of another woman and her six-year-old daughter pushes the townspeople to the brink. Where did Meredith Dickey and Delilah go? Is there a serial kidnapper or murderer lurking within the close community?

Eleven years pass. A girl escapes her captors after years of being locked away in a dark basement with little food and no chance to ever see daylight. When she finds someone to help her, she mutters the shocking words that no one ever expected - she says her name is Delilah. As investigators try to unravel where Delilah's been and what led to her kidnapping, no one is prepared for the things that get revealed.

I read so many mysteries, and I did have part of the mystery solved early. I was almost saddened to realize my gut instinct was correct. That said, the narrative and dialogue that lead to the big reveal had me so hooked.

Mary Kubica does a great job at building suspense, creating characters that you either love or hate, and setting a dark, eerie story that feels like it's been taking from the day's headlines. Her stories always feel real and frightening.

Once again, I'm delighted by what I've read and can't wait for the next release.

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