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Monday, July 4, 2022

Rizzoli & Isles: Listen to Me by Tess Gerritsen

 Release Date - July 5, 2022

I love Rizzoli and Isles and binged the entire TV series one summer. So, it's not surprising I was delighted with the release of a new book. I especially love that Jane's mom plays an integral part in this book.

When a nurse is found murdered in her home, Jane's on the case. It seems unusual though that anyone would have targeted Sofia, as everyone loved her. 

Meanwhile, Jane's mom, Angela, is alone while her beau is on the other side of the country caring for his sister. When Angela gets secretive new neighbors, she can't help but find herself wondering why they never come out in the day, keep their blinds closed, and are putting up bars on the windows. Plus, one of Angela's friend's teen daughter runs away, and Angela is convinced something is awry in her usually quiet neighborhood.

What Jane and Angela don't know is that their investigations are going to put them in a world of trouble. There's much more to either case than they could imagine, and they need to keep focused.

Listen to Me is a great read, and it was also fun to catch up. There are several things going on, so you're kept hooked to each story. Plus, there are the interactions with the family members and Maura that I always loved. I feel like part of the family, even if I'm an outsider looking in.

Essentially, you have the mystery of the missing teen, the murder of Sofia, a stranger following a young woman who was hit by a car, and Angela's neighbor. As a result, there are four mysteries that all have you guessing. Some area more easily unraveled than others, but I love trying to be the first to crack them and for the most part I was able to.

Enjoy Listen to Me as much as I did. It's a must-read.

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