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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Lies, Lies, Lies by Adele Parks

 Release Date - August 2020

Daisy and Simon are parents of a lovely, talented young daughter and seem to be in a happy marriage, but outside appearances aren't always what they seem. Simon desperately wants another child, but in their 40s now, they've already been through one fertility struggle and Daisy's not sure she can do it again at this age. Plus, Simon's drinking seems to be worsening.

Everything goes horribly wrong when Simon drinks too much at a party. Their world is thrown into chaos, and Daisy struggles to figure out the next steps in keeping her family whole.

How did I feel about Lies, Lies, Lies? It's clearly taken me time to even finish the book. I struggled with it and should have quit, but I wanted to keep going and get this one checked off my list. The basis of this story comes down to the secrets people keep from each other and how they have the power to destroy everything. As a result, I didn't like Simon or Daisy, and it's hard to root for the lead characters when you don't like them.

As things play out, there's another character that I didn't like, and this circles back to Daisy. I was so frustrated with her because of it. By the time, truths started getting revealed, I simply no longer cared for anyone other than the poor little girl. It was just a so-so read that appealed to me at times but thoroughly frustrated me the rest of the time.

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