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Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis

 Release Date - September 28, 2021 Noelle Butterby put her dreams on hold after her mom's stroke. That the love of her life also left never helped. She's on her way back from a college alumni event when snow shuts down the motorway. She's stuck with cars all around and no chance of getting home any time soon and a dead phone. That's how she meets Sam, a handsome stranger who was on his way to the airport. While it's not exactly what she planned to do, Noelle takes his offer to use his charger. Sitting in his car for eight hours leads her to realize that there's something about Sam that creates feelings she's never experienced. But the minute the traffic clears, Sam's on his way and Noelle may never see him again. Fate intervenes and Sam and Noelle have to admit there's something unusual going on. Even when they leave never intending to see each other again, they somehow do meet up. But, they both have significant others, so they have no future toget