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First Kiss at Christmas by Lee Tobin McClain

Release Date - October 2021 In the midst of all life's thrown my way, I read this months ago and failed to review it. First Kiss at Christmas is a fantastic romance. Kayla Harris is a school teacher with plenty of male friends, but never seems to find Mr. Right. When Tony DeNunzio brings his nephew, Jax, into her classroom, she feels an attraction.  Tony's goal this year is to help his young nephew adjust to a new home and new life without his mom. Love is not in the picture, yet the more time Tony spends with Kayla, the more he can't ignore the attraction. Is there something more there? This is an uplifting, delightful romance with a strong hero and the right balance of chemistry and caution. The character never lose track of Jax's need to be the center of attention. I loved that.