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A Good Mother by Laura Bazelon

 Release Date - May 11, 2021 How far will a mother go to protect her child? For Luz Rivera Hollis, stabbing her husband seemed to be the only option. She's now on trial for murder, but she swears it was self-defense. The prosecution is making her out to be a cold-blooded killer. Public defender Abby Rosenberg is a new mom herself. She hadn't even had her son when she took the case, but she plotted to return early rather than lose the case she feels is destined to be hers. She's putting everything into this trial, even though many people feel she should still be taking maternity leave. The harder she works, and the more that is revealed about Luz's story, it becomes apparent that everything about this case revolves around motherhood and what it takes to be "A Good Mother." I'd like to think I am a good mother, and that likely has a lot to do with why I was not happy with either character. Abby's views on staying home with your baby were so different to