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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Last Chance Christmas by Hope Ramsay

 Release Date - September 25, 2012

The last thing photojournalist Lark expects is to find herself in the small town Last Chance, but that's exactly what happens after her father's death. His final wish was to have his ashes scattered on the town's mini-golf course. What Lark doesn't know is that her dad fled town right after the death of a prominent member of the town. Many people object to her presence and the owners of the mini-golf seem unwilling to consider her dad's last wishes.

Stone, the local police chief, isn't happy that Lark's in town, and he is one of the first to admit he wants her gone. The widower is busy raising two girls, and his oldest daughter's fascination with Lark's work isn't helping. His daughter is happy Lark's in town and is doing everything possible to get to know her. 

With some of the Christ Church Ladies' Auxillary trying to get Stone to see that Lark's a suitable match, Stone is finding it hard to ignore that there is something about Lark that's intriguing. But, he also has too much on his plate between one daughter seeing a weeping angel, a murder to solve, and a town that seems mixed on what he should do about Lark's request.

I never got around to Last Chance Christmas many years ago. It's been tucked in a box, and I pulled it back out. I'd read other Last Chance romances, and this one just never struck the same note. I liked Lark, I liked Stone, but the mystery of her dad's past was enough. Add the murder, the paranormal aspect of the weeping angel, and the story to me took off in too many directions for my liking.

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