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The Sweetest Day by John Hough, Jr.

 Release Date - June 22, 2021 In The Sweetest Days , high school sweethearts Pete and Jackie have been through ups and downs. They found each other after college and have had a long marriage and raised a daughter together. She's an adult now working for a law firm in another city. As empty-nesters, they get hit with the biggest blow ever. Jackie has breast cancer and must undergo surgery. First, Pete's debut novel is coming out, so they return to their hometown for a book signing. Returning to the town they left years ago, Jackie faces coming to terms with their past, her cancer, and her dad's Alzheimer's. Everything takes a bigger turn when a person from Pete's past appears and the book signing and leaves Jackie with more questions than ever before, and the demand that it's time for Pete to tell the truth about the period when they broke up. I wish I could have loved their characters, but I didn't, and that made it difficult to enjoy this novel. Sometimes