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Thursday, February 17, 2022

How to Love Your Neighbor by Sophie Sullivan

 Release Date - January 18, 2022

Grace Travis is close to achieving her dream. She's about to graduate with a degree in interior design. Her grandparents' beachfront home is hers and awaiting her vision. The only problem is that her new neighbor set his sights on having her house as well as his, and he's convinced that with enough pressure she'll accept his buy-out offer. 

Noah Jansen is proving to be an annoyance that Grace isn't thrilled to have for a neighbor, but she plans to ignore him. When a major magazine editor asks her to give Noah's home the finishing touches it needs, Grace can't say no to the chance to launch her career in a major way. But, it's also hard to ignore your enemy when you're working side-by-side.

How to Love Your Neighbor had plenty of romantic tension and a setting that I wanted to be in. Skip all the Vermont snow, rain, below zero temps, and super-windy days. I want to be in sunny California! 

I enjoyed watching Grace and Noah's friendly, and sometimes not-so-friendly, banter. What I didn't love was the inclusion of Grace's mom and Noah's dad to add tension. I didn't really think it was essential to the storyline. There was plenty of other stuff happening that made this book a solid romance with just enough romantic tension to keep me hooked.

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