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Saturday, August 14, 2021

How to Kill Your Best Friend by Lexie Elliott

 Release Date - August 17, 2021

College buddies Bronwyn, Georgie, and Lissa have been inseparable for years. When Lissa dies while swimming in a cove off the private island she and her husband own, it's hard for Georgie to comprehend how such a strong swimmer would have drowned. Bronwyn is equally stunned.

As they reunite with their significant others and children on the island where Lissa died, both Georgie and Bronwyn start to wonder what they've missed. Someone is lurking in the shadows and doesn't seem to have friendly intentions, yet a storm is moving in, so as the danger heightens, no one can leave.

Chapters in How to Kill Your Best Friend switch back and forth between the "murder" lessons, Bronwyn's insight, and Georgie's insight. I didn't love the changes, as I felt it dragged the pace down, especially in the first quarter of the novel. Once I started skimming the different ways to kill a friend, I found the book became more enticing.

 I also was never surprised by the murderer's identity. How things played out became the best part of the novel to me. This was the second novel I've read by Lexie Elliott, and the other never thrilled me either. I have a feeling that my tastes just don't meld with the author's writing style.

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