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Home for Christmas: Stories for Young and Old by Various Authors

 Release Date - October 4, 2021 The original paperback was released several years ago. Now, you can get Home for Christmas in hardcover, e-book, and audiobook, too. This collection of Christmas stories is an easy read, and each story shares a tale of the magic of Christmas, the power in giving over receiving, and family. There are so many short stories in Home for Christmas. One that I loved was Katherine Paterson's "No Room at the Inn." It's set in Vermont, so it already appeals to me for that reason. It's about the son of innkeepers who go away and he has the inn to himself for the holidays. There are no guests to take care of, so he's looking forward to the relaxation ahead and knows he will refuse anyone who comes knocking, and then a family in need approaches him looking for a safe place to stay.  Here's where it gets tricky. There were other stories that also tugged at my heart, but I didn't take notes this time. I can't recall the authors