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Good Eggs by Rebecca Hardiman

 Release Date - March 2, 2021 At 83, Millie has gotten into a bit of trouble. She's been in a couple of car accidents. She accidentally shoplifted. Her son is convinced she's in need of full-time care. That brings Sylvia into her life. The thing is that Sylvia is not all that she seems to be. Millie's son, Kevin, also has his hands full with his kids. One of his solutions is to ship one of his daughters off to boarding school. He hopes it will get her to calm down, but the opposite happens and Aideen ends up in even more trouble there. For the family to come to terms with everything going on in their lives, the family is about to face its greatest challenge ever. Here's the deal with Good Eggs . Kevin is not likable. I have a parent with Alzheimer's, and many of Millie's actions seemed to be early-stage Alzheimer's to me. It broke my heart that he wasn't listening. The first section of the book is all about Kevin's need to control the things in his