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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Go As A River - Shelley Read

Genre: Historical Fiction

Release Date: February 28, 2023

Shelley Read's new novel, Go As A River, is a heartbreaking tale of loss, love, and endurance. 

Her mother and aunt's tragic death when she was young has impacted Victoria Nash's life. She grew up doing all of the household's domestic chores. She cooks for her father, uncle, and brother, as well as the farmhands they hire from time to time. She cleans, maintains the household, and has done so for years. Now 17, Torie is on her way into town to get her once-again drunk brother to bring him home when she encounters Wil Moon, a young drifter looking for a new start.

Torie is smitten, but her father and brother immediately chase him off. They will not have a Native American hanging around. When townspeople accuse Wil of theft and he becomes wanted, only Torie knows where he is. But, tragedy soon strikes and she flees her family home realizing that if she stays, she's in danger.

When she finally does return, her father's ill and his orchards are in trouble. She has one more choice to make, and it's one that will pit her against the town she's loved.

In Shelley Read's novel, I was mesmerized as legend has it that a local man-made lake also hides an old part of the town deep below the waters. As this book is based on historical events, I could only picture Milton as the setting, despite this story being set in Colorado. I could imagine homeowners here having to make similar painful choices.

I really enjoyed Torie's story as it ambled from her childhood through her coming of age moments. I was hooked.

Lately, I've been on a big Noah Kahan kick while baking or reading. He's a local artist that my daughter came across and his latest album especially is just so apt to the life we experience in Vermont, especially when the winter blues kick in. His new album, Stick Season, is worth your time.

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