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Meet Me In London by Georgia Toffolo

 Release Date - September 28, 2021 What a joy Meet Me In London was on a rainy day. A "bomb cyclone" has hit New England, so cold, rainy weather is sticking around. I needed a cozy story to cheer me up. Georgia Toffolo did exactly that and I appreciate it.  Victoria Scott works in a bar and teaches young adults about fashion design when she's not working. Her students are everything to her. Despite her ex, her dreams of opening up her own fashion boutique are still on her mind. But, a trendy new department store threatens to destroy her dreams. Enter Oliver Russell. His family's store needs to be a success for his dad's sake. He's doing everything possible to get the grand opening to go without any hiccups. His mom's meddling in his love life isn't helping, That he tells her he has a steady girlfriend doesn't help anything. His mom plans to meet this woman for the grand opening. Oliver has no idea how to make an imaginary woman magically appear.