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Monday, September 12, 2022

This Is Why We Lie - Gabriella Lepore

 Release Date - September 2021

When Adam Cole and Jenna Dallas find Jenna's friend's body floating in the sound, they're immediately questions and suspicions arise. Jenna's aunt is the lead detective on the case, and Jenna's best friend becomes the prime suspect pretty quickly.

Jenna is certain Hollie didn't do it, and Adam seems to be hiding something tied to the school for troubled teen boys that he goes to. What really happened and how can Jenna prove it and save her friend from being charged with murder?

I read any mystery as an armchair sleuth, trying to put together the pieces and figure it out before the big reveal in the novel. That's always been my goal while reading mysteries. I have to say I had the solution pegged in This Is Why We Lie pretty early on.

The boys' big secrets that lead to all the lying in the first place. Not sure I felt those big secrets were really all that big or necessary to hide. They seemed kind of minor to me. 

But, the pacing and dialogue were great. I didn't love all of the characters, but it didn't matter. The story kept me engaged until the end due to the pacing and dialogue that made it an engaging read.

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