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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Finding Home Again by Brenda Jackson

 Release Date - October 2019

Some of the books I read don't click the first time. I try to work back to them and give them additional changes. I have loved the Catalina Cove Novel collection, but Finding Home Again never quite clicked. I finished it this time, but I still don't think it was one of my favorites from this series.

Kaegan broke Bryce's heart many years ago when he made an assumption rather than asking her for an explanation. She never intended to give him a second chance. But, he's back in town and they keep running into each other.

When Kaegan learns the truth of that night so many years ago, he cannot believe he let her slip away. He will do anything possible to win her back, but is it too late?

I think this is one of those stories where I had a hard time sympathizing with the hero. He was an idiot and while he realizes it, it's hard to forgive him for making such a stupid decision in the first place. I'd like to rule it out as being a juvenile mistake, but I feel he was really old enough at that point. That made me dislike him and think that Bryce could do better.

There's a bit of suspense added to the story. That was my other issue. There was enough going on between the two that I don't need the additional conflict was really that important. In the end, as much as I've loved the other books in this series, this one never tugged at my heartstrings.

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