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Monday, March 13, 2023

No More Secrets by Kerry Lonsdale

 Release Date - March 14, 2023

This is the third part of a series about siblings with a horrific upbringing. This time, it's Lucas Carson's time. He's on the run and has created a quiet life for himself in the desert. He's not seen his sister Lucy since she ran away as a teen, though he knows she's become a popular animator. He's never forgiven himself for not helping her more.

When Luc finds a runaway in the store where he works, he can't help but feel it's his chance to save someone like Lucy. Shiloh Bloom is on the run and escaping her own horrific upbringing. She's not about to trust Luc, but she finds herself in a situation where she has no choice, and he does seem to be keeping every promise he made when he took her in.

Good things never last. Shiloh's convinced her mother and her mother's boyfriend are hot on her heels, and Luc's past threatens to catch up with him at any moment. When they do, it could put Luc in prison for life and Shiloh doesn't want to think about what waits for her back home.

Like the other two books, No More Secrets is a gripping, often sad look at dysfunctional families, addiction, and homelessness. It ties in well with the other two in the series and delivers the closure I'd wanted. It has romantic touches along the way, but most of the story falls into a drama/suspense with a strong message of families don't have to be the traditional mom and dad. The best families are made up of those who have your back and love you unconditionally.

You Wouldn't Dare - Samantha Markum

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