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Sunday, May 9, 2021

A Summer to Remember by Erika Montgomery

 Release Date - May 11, 2021

After her mother dies, Frankie Simon finds herself in a bind. Her ex-boyfriend/landlord is raising her rent, and that's put the family's Hollywood nostalgia store at risk. When she's given two letters her mom was in possession of along with photos of her mom on the East Coast, she decides to head to there to personally deliver the letters.

She has no idea how her mom came to own these two letters from the late actress Glory Cartwright, but she's about to learn there is far more to her mom than she ever knew. She also learns that Cape Cod may be the best place to find and follow her dreams.

A Summer to Remember has a gorgeous setting and enjoyable characters. It flips back and forth between present-day and the past when Glory Cartwright left Hollywood with her actor husband and headed to Cape Cod. I love Cape Cod, so this book captured me. The setting feels like home.

I'd say this is a great beach read. It doesn't rush along. It is packed with romance, friendship, and even some tasty food scenes that had me craving oysters. What a delightful novel!

You Can Go Your Own Way by Eric Smith

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