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Songs in Ursa Major by Emma Brodie

 Release Date - June 22, 2021 It's 1969 and teen sensation artist Jesse Reid is making an appearance at the Bayleen Island Folk Fest. Jane Quinn, a local musician, doesn't get the hype. While Jane is the island's pride and joy, the fans at the music festival only want to see Jesse. When Jesse has an accident and can't perform, Jane and her band are asked to take his place. The fans are not at all pleased until she starts singing Jesse's hit song. Suddenly, she has their attention. In her downtime, Jane often helps her aunt, a local home care aide. Jesse was in an accident and soon Jane finds herself helping out. He and Jane find that music connects them, and their attraction to one another doesn't hurt. Before she can blink, Jane is joining Jesse on his tour and she and her band also have a recording contract and first album.  The problem is that the music industry has a way of stepping all over females, and no one wants to take Jane seriously. She also strugg