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Friday, November 9, 2012

Before Meds After Meds - Duane Law, L.Ac.

Released September 2012

Duane Law, L.Ac.

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I think this book review needs to go into a bit of my history. I offer high praise to Duane Law, L.Ac.'s Before Meds After Meds and hope everyone dealing with anxiety or depression gives it a try.

When it comes to anxiety and depression, my take is that most of the medical profession still has a long way to go. Granted, it's been more than ten years for me and I hope doctors have become a little smarter, but my story is pretty clear and very scary. I had my first panic attack in bed when my daughter was two years old. I went to the ER where we were convinced I was having a heart attack and after an EKG showed what I call a "skip a beat," they put me in the ICU saying I was likely correct. I waited 12 hours to have a cardiologist look at me. He said there was nothing wrong and sent me home and told me to see my usual doctor.

I did that and she put me on Toprol XL saying that since I was a stay-home mom and unlikely to be under any stress, I had a condition known as supraventricular tachycardias. Toprol made me sluggish and weight gain became an issue, but she said I needed it, and I trusted her being a doctor and all. After more than a year on Toprol, the attack returned after both my father and father-in-law were diagnosed with cancer less than a month apart. I was sent to a cardiologist who found nothing wrong again, other than the skip-a-beats I've had since childhood, and he added digitalis to the mix. When digitalis didn't work, he told me to try a calcium channel blocker, Cardizem. I ended up in the ER a day later with a blood pressure of 70/40 and dropping.

It's at that point that I gave up on traditional doctors and went online. I found panic disorder and went to a specialist who helped me wean off the medications I'd been on, it took six months. I learned to change my diet, take supplements, and use Bach's Rescue Remedy if the stress got to be too much. That changed my life.

Many of these are the same techniques discussed in Before Meds After Meds. Duane Law discusses fasting to clear the system, changing your diet, and adding supplements to your daily regimen. He also gets into Yoga and meditation (I've found Tai Chi to be most helpful), aromatherapy (I highly recommend lavender), and massage and/or acupuncture. I know many of these methods work. I'm living proof of it. I just wish a book like this had been available 10 years ago!

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